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Virtual Realitys Potential Displayed at Game Developers Conference

09GAMERSUB-blog427For game designers, virtual reality became a real business last week when the virtual reality equivalent of Apple’s app store for iPhones and iPads opened its digital doors.

If you make a game in virtual reality, or V.R., now you can sell it to customers instead of giving it away free. It’s the biggest step yet toward discovering what kinds of creative works will prove most successful in this new medium — an immersive, sensorially isolating experience that is either the art form of the 21st century or the biggest fad of 2016.

Last Monday, the store inside the Gear VR, a headset powered by a fancy Samsung phone and the technology of Oculus VR (the company Facebook acquired for $2 billion last year), opened for business at the start of the Game Developers Conference here.

Samsung and Oculus don’t advertise the Gear VR as a consumer product. They prefer to call it an “innovator edition” for early adopters. But you can buy it, and if you own it, you

PS4 Exclusivity a Step Toward Yakuza 6 Localization And 4 Other Takeaways From Segas Recent Moves

psjs10-yakuza-ishin1Me: “Know What Yakuza Needs?”

The West: “English localizations.”

Okay, now the go-to first thought it out of the way, here are some thoughts to go along with that Yakuza 6 PS4 announcement and Yakuza remaster.

The Seemingly Good But Maybe Bad

What you already know: a remaster of the original Yakuza was announced for PS3 and PS4, due out in January in Japan.
What you might not realize: That’s less than a year after Yakuza 0 just arrived on those same systems, and just a couple of years after Yakuza was already remastered on PS3, as part of the Yakuza 1&2 HD Collection.
True, this new version will include gameplay systems from the outstanding Yakuza 0, but it’s still just the first Yakuza, re-re-released.

Meanwhile, Yakuza 6 will go current-gen only when it hits it fall 2016 Japanese release window.

Yakuza 6‘s move to PS4 only, combined with Sony’s strong desire to keep new content flowing to its one and only important gaming system, sends a good message to foreign fans of the seldom-localized series. After spending years playing catchup behind Microsoft

Cooperative video game play elicits pro-social behavior, research finds

150508105656_1_540x360The word cooperation is self-explanatory — two or more people working together toward a common goal or benefit.

One Texas Tech University researcher wondered about the implications of teaming up with others in video games and how this differs from playing alone, competitively, or not at all. It seems playing video games cooperatively with others can lead to widespread benefits by making players think helpful behaviors are valuable and commonplace.

John Velez, an assistant professor of journalism and electronic media in the College of Media & Communication, studied how cooperating with other players in both violent and non-violent video games extended to social situations after the controllers are put down. The results of one article suggest playing cooperatively with others can eliminate the negative effects of violent video games on players’ aggressive behaviors in the real world. Another related study demonstrated playing cooperatively with a helpful teammate in a non-violent video game not only increases pro-social or helping behaviors toward teammates but opposing team members as well.

“What we found was cooperative play seems to have the biggest effect in terms of decreasing aggression toward other people,”

Look Here at the Details of Lessons for Chess

Do you think that you have the caliber to keep going on with the strategies of the chess fort long time? Then there must be no hesitation in understanding that the chances will come if you have the very sense of applications which is required very often whenever you are in due course of game with any of the tough contenders. These contenders representing the online gamers’ community are never willing to let you gain the advantage of any misfortune. Therefore, we should make it very clear that you have already gained the platforms on the web where you are going to attain the very lesson with respect to your understanding of the game & the positions of yours on the basis of past records. If it is proved, that you are endowed with superior knowledge of this very board gaming, then you should definitely download ebooks, DVDs of something similar with respect to increasing your knowledge to get success as soon as possible. The grand master could be a possibility for you if you have already understood the known positions of the elements of this mind sport. From knowing the process of decorating the board game to dominating the

Magic Game Copier Its Just Like Magic

Have you ever had that one special video game that you always loved to play and play until you found out it doesn’t work anymore due to scratches, chips in the disk, pieces missing…i think you get the idea.

How about loaning that one precious game to your friend and never getting the game back now is your chance to insure that will never happen to you.


Don’t worry about copyrights as long as you make backup copy’s of a game you bought and personely own. There will be what seems like protection on games these days that you cant possibly think of breaking on your own but with this copier it can break the most up to date protection that today offers. All you need to burn these games onto are blank dvd’s or cd’s.

How about all those classic music cd’s and movie dvd’s that you can’t find or just simply dont work anymore well with this copier you can also make backups of those saving you time and effort for looking for the misplaced or broken disk. Another great addition to this copier is the ability to support all of the

Games for Girls are a Great Source of Enjoyment for Everyone

Regardless of the fact that the experts behind each diversion intended for young girls are not necessarily girls, they’re laid out and created according to girls’ liking. These can be used for entertainment and education for young girls. Amusements accessible for playing online are obviously, free and fill their need really well. So all the young ladies out there chose their most loved and get playing! You can also ask you parents to select different games for you.

There are a few recreations strewn everywhere throughout the web that young ladies appreciate playing, and even young men do sometimes. Here, we discuss a couple of classifications that are on offer and see what fascination every holds for its young players.

Fashion Games


Fashion games are an overwhelmingly commanding classification of recreations with regards to diversions intended for young ladies. Girls of every age appreciate playing such recreations on the web, and numerous makers who’re mindful of this, have verified they have a massive database to look over. A number of them include assigning a character to every player who then needs to outline the

How And Why Agar Skins Became Popular

When I was a little boy my idea of fun was playing with my friends outside all kind of games like football, basketball, volleyball and all kind of other sports. Back then we didn’t have the computers, but if did have them I am sure that everyone will do the same and that is playing online games. In the era of the computers the generations that were born in this era in my opinion had the more fun childhood that our generations, but that doesn’t mean that the older generations can’t play online games as the younger generations.

Recent study has show that the newest top growing game is more played by people who are over the age of 18 than the ones that this game was meant for. is a game that is mostly for people of 15 to 30 years, but it seems like the more older you are the more you understand this game. has a very interesting story of how it became so popular in the online world, they have managed to grow their company in just 2 months. How did they did that? Skins

The first

Mini Pcs Smaller Size High Performance

Computers have become a big part of people’s lives these days. If you don’t have a computer, you don’t even make the list of “old school” people. Because even these people, who are conventional in their thoughts, have to use computers to complete many of their tasks at work and home. To avoid being called ‘technologically challenged”, you have to learn using gadgets and devices like computers, smartphones, tablets, etc. Having said that, technology is ever-changing; it doesn’t stand still. So, you have to always keep yourself updated and look for options that can make things easier for you. While computers are really useful, you should have the freedom of choosing its size and configuration depending on the space and needs you have.

Whether you need a computer for home or office use, you will need a machine that doesn’t take much of the available space. Mini computers are just what you need. These computers allow you to do everything that you have grown used to with computers, but of a larger size. They are compact in size; however, serve every function you can think of. If you have a small space to fit your computer into,

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